Self-driving Autos Race: UAE 2024

The United Arab Emirates attracts the state-of-the-arts type of self-driving autos race in particular. Not only that, but the UAE designed a race for these self-driving cars for next year. It is worth noting that several Gulf countries will  participate in this race. Some of these countries are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others. So, this constitutes an exciting events of self-driving autos racing for the Gulf countries and the world. Not only that, but this race is the largest scientifically. Aspire is sponsoring this great race. Moreover, it crystallized its vision in establishing an advanced center for global research in the Emirates. This is the starting point for the UAE to take a lead in self-driving-autos world.

Marsa Yas

These events will take place in Marsa Yas. The mentioned companies  designed this race field internationally.  In addition, it will take place in the second quarter of next year. It is a part of the various races for self-driving vehicles. The value of prizes offered by this race estimated at 2.25 million dollars. This race increases the excitement of the participation of the international company Dallara in the Super-Formula-Autos. Furthermore, the Japan Race Promotion Company also participates in this race.

Quantum Leap

This is not only a race, but rather a quantum leap for the United Arab Emirates. It will help it in developing the field of transportation using self-driving cars. The main goal of this race is not to reflect the luxury and high ambition of the Emirates only. But it will participate rather actively in reducing the risks of using non-environmentally friendly cars. In addition they opt to promote the use of cars equipped with electricity, solar-energy and green-hydrogen. It is very important that these companies provide effective solution for global warming.