Autos High-quality Bulbs and Roads Safety

It is an undeniable fact that autos high-quality bulbs and roads safety are inextricable from each other. Although you do not think about this when you look at headlight bulbs for the first time. However, they are high-precision products. While an ordinary household bulb reflects its light over a certain diameter. It accurately reflects light onto the road at a distance of well over 50 meters. For many reasons, cars’  bulbs play an important role in road safety. This is because of the fact that road safety is reliant of high-quality light. Halogen headlight bulbs manufactured and certified in accordance with legal requirements (ECE R37). The specifications include the permissible luminous flux in lumens, electrical power consumption. Furthermore, these specifications ensure that each approved H7 bulb will fit every headlight designed to use an H7 bulb. For example, the combination will also provide the correct beam of light.

Geometry of Bulbs

The geometry of the bulb is particularly important. In modern headlights that do not adopt a standard shape, the light from the filament focused. This system only works properly if the fuse is in the correct location. The tolerance for the position of the filament in an H7 bulb is only 0.2 mm. Bulbs require highly precise manufacturing processes and very strict inspection processes to ensure quality.

Comparison tests carried out by automotive publications frequently show that many bulbs do not meet high standards. There are some engineering errors being the main problem. The result is an inaccurate light beam, too short a range. Furthermore, the light is flare (as represented by the two images using a rotating reflector). If the filament is too far from the reflector, the light beam is too short. And if it is too close to it, it glows.