AutoXpress Car Rental System

In Abu Dhabi, like in most other developed cities, car rental is a thriving business. With modernization, technology  found its way into the business. This system focuses on the analysis phase of the project involving various steps. So, this includes fact gathering, analysis and user requirements documentation. There are so details of the System related to the project. They define the requirements of collection and evaluation process. Based on these requirements the development team commenced a detailed analysis. So, this is to determine the viability of an online car rental system.

The Function of the System

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The main function of the system is to enable customers to login or register with the company easily. Furthermore, it helps in submitting information about the vehicle. The owners of the vehicles can do registration to check if it is available. Another essential function of the system is to hire requirements for the particular vehicle chosen. Not only these, but it also facilitate accessing the car hire contract form for perusal and signing. Furthermore, it assists in submitting the agreed charges through a suitable form of electronic funds transfer. This often happen as perusal of the car hire contract details. A final function of the system is to ease picking the car from company premises and counter sign a copy of the agreement form. AutoXpress Car Rental will help in the collection and storage of details about the client. As such, it will provide slot for the input of the customer’s name. In addition, it facilitates having government-assigned identification number, employment/business number and contact details. AutoXpress car rental system will employ a webmaster who ensures that the uploaded system is available 24 hours. In addition it will work alone the whole week. The webmaster will liaise with the company management to update regulations for the hire service. A database administrator will manage the system’s database and ensure