Before Driving You Should Therefore

Before driving you should do some safety checks on the car. Every driver should do these tests if he is traveling to distant areas or just going work. First, check the wheel and tire pressure. It is very important to check your wheels and tires before you start driving. For many reasons – the correct air pressure ratio is important. Because it relates to the traction of the machine. In other-words, when the percentage of air in the tires is less than the required – not okay. It negatively affects the machine’s ability to traction. Thus there is a slowdown in the car’s normal speeds when moving from one speed to another. This defect in turn affects the machine because it will need more torque. However, this point represents a positive thing when driving on dense sandy terrain. For example, when driving in deserts, the tire air rate must stay lower than the correct sizes. Not only that, but it is important to check the air pressure level. As this relates to some of the variables that occur to the tires while standing and moving. There is an important point: measuring air pressure sometimes shows that the air pressure is excessive. And in this case it must be reduced immediately. Because this affects the expansion of the tire and its flexibility in absorbing vibration.

Lights and Brakes

It is also very important to check the lights and brakes of the car before driving. The importance of lamps in driving at night is that they enable the driver to obtain a clear vision. In addition, you must ensure that all lights work efficiently, especially the front ones. It is very important and prevents the driver from getting into accidents. In conclusion, the car must be inspected well before driving it for short or long distances.