Electric Vehicles Threaten Gasoline Future

As electric vehicles popped up in autos showrooms, they threaten gasoline future. It is factual that the next ten upcoming years will witness an increase in electric car sales. Most cars in the world currently powered by internal combustion engines. Furthermore, they use gasoline or diesel to power vehicles and drive them on the roads. This is the case for the past decades since the invention of cars. But this is about to change. A large number of analysts, observers, experts, environmental activists and executives expect a radical change to occur. This radical diversion will increase popularity of battery-powered electric cars. In fact, the use of electricity is not just an environmentally friendly goal. However, it has avocation  by a large number of activists in the world. However, it is an ambition that will help combat climate change. This will happen by dispensing with fossil fuels (extracted from the ground such as coal, etc). This produces a large number of greenhouse gas emissions. And it is also an economic goal and a lucrative business reality, according to many experts.

Surging Record of Fossil-fuel Prices

With the rise in fossil fuel prices and reaching record levels, fossil fuel future is in dilemma. This is due to the prevailing geopolitical conditions in the world. Most importantly, the call for the use of clean energy sources increased in the world.

In addition to this, there are calls from environmental activists to shift towards these alternative sources. There are calls from many countries to use electric cars as an alternative to fuel-powered autos. The French city of Paris, announced that it will ban everything on roads except electric vehicles by 2030.

The US state of California (the largest automobile market in the United States) followed suit. It also plans to completely ban the sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2035.