Bentley Launches Bentayga Extended Welby’s Mulliner

Bentley raises its profile by launching the Bentayga Extended Welby Mulliner, which belongs to Bentayga family. This car combines all the qualities that characterize modern cars. In addition to a recipe for professional cars that enjoy high dynamics that enable it to navigate on all roads. This feature is for autos on rough roads that other cars cannot navigate. One of the most important features of this car is the interior space. This space available in the cabin, unparalleled in other cars competing with Bentley. It is not the front part of the car that has a comfortable space, but rather the cabin too. Behind the driver there is also ample space which makes it ideal for trips and large families. The Mulliner team, which specializes in car design, devoted great attention to this car. Therefore, it designed the rear seats in the style of the Four Zayed One aircraft. This design is very unique and helps in obtaining large spaces in the cabin. This is a brilliant design gesture, the seating system considered as the most advanced in the world.


This car features a powerful 4.0-liter V8 engine with a power of 542 horsepower, 568 pound-feet, torque. This car has exceptional performance. The speed reaches one hundred and eighty miles per hour. Not only that, but it has the ability to accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour. This happens within four and a half seconds. There is a rear-wheel steering system. This system provides the car with a lot of flexibility and mobility, even in tight spaces. In reference to the design, there are lines in the car that reflect its elegance and prestige. This prestige in not only in the exterior design but it extends to the interior as well.