BYD Tang: SUV Electric Autos

The BYD Tang is an electric SUV and has seven medium-sized seats. However, some of them equipped with gasoline only, others are equipped with electricity only. Furthermore, there is also a hybrid type that combines fuel and electricity to provide the car with energy. Every year, BYD’s sales double at high rates in recent years and are still rising. Another feature of this car is that its weight is 2,360 kg. In addition, its battery capacity is 108.8 kW, and its range is 615 km. The car’s space is very comfortable. It has seven seats and a cargo space of up to 1,655 liters. This includes the front row seats fold by forty to sixty degrees. This provides the passengers with the highest level of comfort.

Interior Design

The BYD Tang car features a qualitative interior design, as there is lighting containing thirty-one colors. These colors are enough to reflect your mood. This design produced by German designers who have long experience in the field of interior design. This is evident in the luxury of German cars. The instrument panel is large, measuring 12.8 inches, and has two suspension systems, front and rear. In addition, the car’s body is durable. There are safety systems in the BYD car, which include a high-resolution camera with a 360-degree angle. It is important that the number of external radars is eleven. All of this enhances safety for its users. The Tang engine has a power of 551 horsepower and a speed of 180 kilometers per hour. Furthermore, this power and speed produced by two powerful electric motors. With the four-wheel drive system, the engine power is 482 horsepower and 330 Nm of torque. This is why the car is stable on the road. The battery has a capacity of 82.8 kilowatt-hours, and LFP technology used in its manufacturing. All models associated with BYD cars gained great acceptance among car enthusiasts.