BMW motorcycle

BMW looks to the future of motorcycles

While BMW is, of course, best known for taking cars to the next level, the world-famous German brand has recently unveiled a new motorcycle concept which could provide hints to what the future holds for riding on two wheels instead of four.

The BMW Motor rad VISION NEXT 100 was recently unveiled in California and looks more akin to something from a science fiction film than a bike you would see on the road.

According to BMW, one of the fundamental aims of the design is to create the next generation of motorbikes, as well as a model which allows the rider to truly enjoy a feast for the senses. They hope to achieve this grand claim by removing the need for protective equipment.

The VISION NEXT 100 is self-balancing, both when stationary and on the move. Not only is this ideal for beginners and in terms of safety, but it also means more experienced riders can benefit from greater levels of agility. Furthermore, on-board assistance systems mean that users can continually develop their skills and get even more out of the bike.

To cap off the very futuristic feel, the VISION NEXT 100 comes with an accompanying visor which functions with the bike. While it will keep your vision clear for enjoying your ride, it can showcase key information on potential hazards or any details you choose to request during the journey.

Discussing the thought process for the project to create the VISION NEXT 100, Edgar Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorrad, said: “When we develop a motorcycle, we are usually thinking around five to 10 years in the future. So taking a look further into the future was especially exciting for us and highly appealing.”

This bike is part of the major NEXT 100 initiative, which has been developed to provide an insight into what the next 100 years of transport may look like. In addition to BMW Motor-rad, other BMW Group companies such as Mini and Rolls-Royce have also developed prototype vehicles as part of the project.