Buying A Used Car in U.A.E [2]

In the previous blog we have stated that buying a used car is not as easy as many people think. It requires some skills to check-up the auto before taking the risk of wasting valuable time and money. After checking the smoking exhaust, you have to detect leakages of fluids. There are certain ways that would help you to do so.

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Fluids Leakages

In order to find out about fluids leakages in a used car, you have to open the bonnet and take a look. Once again, the vehicle may be washed, you have to take a long tour by the car. This will enable you to easily discover leakages. However, sometimes there may be a slight leak that cannot be realized by the naked eye. In this case, you can use your phone. Play video recording and zoom out the screen.

Areas to Be Realized

First of all, you have to gaze around all of the engine’s parts. Then, do not forget to look underneath the engine, because there may be some oil landing there. Check all of the hoses and the connectors as well. Another important area that you have to look at carefully is underneath the car’s hood. Because sometimes fluids pour over there. If you see some brown or black spots, this is an indication of leakage. Therefore, you have to redetect that areas again.
All in all, some car dealers are intelligent enough to sell their used cars. Purchasers have to develop some skills to help them in finding out about cars’ defects. Therefore, before buying a used auto, you have to check the smoke exhaust and fluids leakages. This check-up will help you avoid a lot of futuristic problems. And it would grantee that you bought at least a half-decent car.