Corvette 07 BYD: Hybrid Technology

The Chinese company BYD presents a new hybrid auto called Corvette Zero Seven. The car characterized by strength, durability and economy in energy consumption. Furthermore, the power system made out of a turbocharger, four-cylindrical engine and a capacity of 1500 cc. This power system results in 139 horsepower. Moreover, it has an electric generator on the front wheels with a capacity of 197 hp. To add up more, a powering system will support the rear wheels as well. What distinguishes the Corvette 07 is that it is a medium-sized auto. Till now, it is not crystal clear whether it will accommodate five or six passengers. However, it is likely to accommodate five passengers and to provide sufficient space and comfort.

Corvette 07 BYDInterior and Exterior Design

In design, Corvette 07 is like many other SUVs. Nevertheless, the front grille is very wide to get adequate ventilation for the machine. On turn, this will reduce fuel consumption. The grille nearly covers the entire front of the car, including the space between the headlights. Not only that, but the wide grille adds to this car’s beauty. Decoratively, the headlights are very slender, giving the car a beautiful and attractive look. The interior design of the Corvette 07 BYD is not fully disclosed. However, some information obtained that the steering wheel designed in a sports style.

And there is a medium-sized screen that provides the driver with all important information collected by the radar and the information obtained from roads’ safety systems. Furthermore, blind spots detected and roadmap reversed for seamless AP tracking. The seats are all electric and their movement electrically controlled. One of the things that distinguishes the Corvette 07 is the easy-to-control its panoramic roof. This multi-purpose vehicle, subject to European specifications and linked to the Internet.