Dubai Police Top-speed Auto: Ghiath

Dubai Traffic Police gained a new fleet (top-speed Ghiath) as a hint of improving performance. Furthermore, the aim is to keep pace with the rapidly evolving time. Globally, Ghiath enlisted as one of the fastest police auto. This is because the company designed it depending on Nissan Patrol. This auto has the characteristics of speed and efficiency in performance on all different roads, including off-road. However, Patrol cars that Ghiath depends on the sixth generation. The cars of this generation characterized by strength, durability, high efficiency and high technology.

GhiathDistinguishing and Harmonious Design

Ghiath do not only excel in keeping with regional specifications, but it also navigated a difficult path. All this to get into the list of the fastest police cars in the world. Moreover, Ghiath added an outstanding design, consistent with what policemen uniform in Dubai. In addition, the consistency is clear in the Ghiath car itself. The main color of the car is white with the police emblem painted on both sides of doors with a black roof. There are also light-blue lights on the front grille, tailgate and roof. Moreover, the lamps on the right and left side of the roof are blue and orange. Furthermore, there is a blue lamp on the two side-mirrors. These lights make the car clear at night as the moon and in day as the sun.

GhiathSpecifications & Features

So far, the specifications and features of the patrol car in Dubai Ghiath have no information available. , but since it is based on the Patrol model, it can contain a V8 engine with a capacity of 5.6 liters and a power range of approximately 400 hp to 500 hp. The transmission system will be a seven-speed automatic and four-wheel drive. Finally, Ghiath is an outstanding police car worldwide.