Daewoo the Giant Motor Company Closed

One of the most important motors company is Daewoo, but out of a sudden closed. Nobody can deny the fact that their cars are the most luxurious autos ever present worldwide. However, the company ran through immense financial recession which later compelled the company to leave motors market. By 2001, the company sold most of its assets to General Motors. After ten years, the Daewoo official lost its name and General Motors became the new owner. This kind on new development will assist General Motors to be on track.

Daewoo Luxurious Autos

Many auto companies started with single autos that is to say Excel or Sportage. Some others started their business with both Excel and Sportage. On the other hand, Daewoo exceeded all expectations and it started with a lineup of three. Accordingly, this swift kick off placed it among giant cars manufacturers very instantly.  Among Daewoo luxurious cars is Daewoo Nubira. This car has many features that are not present in many luxurious autos. On travelling, the most important thing is the capacity of the car’s tank. Daewoo Nubira’s fuel tank has the capacity of holding fifty-six liters. This means that travelling car cross as longer distance as possible without any worry or tension. Even though, you cross a long distance, you will not run out of fuel, since, the tank is gigantic.

GM Flatten the Curve

After all of the previous mention development done by Daewoo, a bankruptcy is declared. Gradually, the company declared its bankruptcy and General Motors took the leads. GM showed its interest in buying all of Daewoo’s share stocks and it did. By having a kind of accumulative autos manufacturing experience GM will have no competitor at all. Now the world can say hats off for GM. All in all, GM will not fall.