Driving in Rainy Weather in the UAE

No doubt that the majority of drivers have experienced driving at different weather climates. However, each climate has its own safety measures. For instance, in foggy weather motorists have to abstain from driving until the vision is clear enough for navigating. If the vision is not crystal clear, it is not advisable to take the adventure of driving in the dark. This is because of the fact that it could lead to unexpected accidents. The same is applicable in other types of weather. As far as driving at different kinds of weather is concerned, this blog is targeting driving in rainy weather.

Rainy Weather

Before running the risk of driving on rainy weather, make sure that the wind screens are working well. This is very helpful because of the fact that drivers have to wipe rain continuously form the screen. When this is done, motorists can see the road clearly and avoid life-cost accidents. Another important point that motorists should keep in mind is the brake. However, the performance of cars’ braking system is not the same on dry lands. As there could be a risk of slipping forward, drivers have to time their brake accurately. Distance and speed should be regarded first.

Tire’s Tread

Traction on roads in general is mainly intertwined with the tire’s treads. There is a lower level of road traction often on wet roads. Therefore, speed reduction is vital. To conclude with, driving on rainy weather require a lot of attention and safety measures. Any failure in carrying out them could lead to unexpected danger.