Driving Skills

A significant number of motorist when asked about driving they believe that it is a skill. However, the opposite is true. Driving is an art rather than a skill. It does not mean that the driver should be able to drive the car smoothly with out gear shift problems. But it is rather the appropriate estimation of: safety distance, turning, speeding up, slowing down etc.

Safety Distance

Highway driving is not that driving on other roads which the speed limit is seventy, sixty or less. But it is where top gear drive becomes compulsory to motorists. However, this does not mean that drivers have to tailgate (being near to the other car). Safety distance is a top priority in highways, since one accident could result in committing series of accidents.


The control of speed is as important as other safety measures. Of course, drivers may not encounter problems of speeding up and slowing down when the way is straight. In this case, the vision is so clear unlike turns. When it comes to turning of course the driver should slow down and take a look through the mirror. It is very risky to take a sharp turn without slowing down and gazing.

To put it in a nut shell, driving is an art rather than a skill as many people believe. And it should be given a serious attention. The more people take driving seriously the safer roads we will get. Last but not least practice makes perfection.