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Ford unleash a powerhouse in the form of the Shelby F-150

Ford, home of some of the world’s most iconic muscle cars, have a hard earned reputation for reliable power. It’s because of Ford’s reliability however that some car buyers were left disappointed with the Ford F-150. While the F-150 still supplied drivers with a decent amount of muscle under the bonnet, some complained that the driving experience felt a little bit too pedestrian. Those niggles and complaints have seemingly been taken on board if the 2017 Shelby F-150 is anything to go by. Not only is there plenty more horsepower, but the Shelby is a lot angrier too.

Shelby F150 UAEA quick glance underneath the bonnet reveals an absolutely huge 5-litre V8 engine, which will pump out a huge amount of power to all four wheels. The 5-litre V8 is only the beginning however, Shelby have gone all out and packed in a supercharger along with all-new fuel injectors. It doesn’t end there either, owners of the Shelby can also expect to take advantage of what Shelby is describing as a ‘high performance’ air intake and a billet throttle. All of those extras ensure the Shelby is no slouch with its eye-watering 760 horsepower. When you consider the Ford F-150 truck has 375 horsepower under the bonnet, the Shelby has a significant power advantage.

Shelby 150 UAE 1Unfortunately, car news from Shelby have been a little thin on the ground when it comes to the top speeds and the sprint times. It’s safe to assume however that in a drag race between the Shelby and the Ford F-150, the Shelby would leave Ford well behind. Whether or not the Shelby’s power will be enough to appeal to buyers in the UAE however remains to be seen. Although those who are keen will have to be incredibly quick, the pickup truck has been limited to only 150 units worldwide, making them one of the most exclusive trucks on Earth.

Shelby F150 Uae 2On the outside it appears that the Mustang Super Snake has been a source of inspiration for the Shelby, there’s a unique hood with its own air scoops on board, along with all-new bumpers, and the bigger grill will mean the Shelby is able to suck in more air. Those who want others to know about the Shelby’s power won’t be disappointed either thanks to the output being displayed on the badge. Its potential speed is supported by dual stripes and there’s some impressive looking 22-inch alloys. The interior also has a dusting of luxury thanks to the bespoke plaque and floor mats, there’s even a snake emblem on the armrest and special embroidery. So if it’s a combination of luxury, power and practicality you’re after, the Shelby could be the 2017 truck for you.