Fossil Fuels: Compulsory Acceptance & Rejection

The world’s ancient source of power, currently, remained between compulsory acceptance and forced rejection. And since there are many changes occurred, fossil fuels reshaped sources of power. It became between compulsory acceptance and rejection fraught with economic obstacles. The compulsory acceptance of it comes in relation to the deteriorating of economic situation. The world haunted by many calamities and wars that put various sources of power out of reach. They broken the backs of many fossil fuel-producing countries. These countries are now struggling to achieve self-sufficiency. Not to mention the ability to continue to cover the share of the other countries. In the recent past, fossil fuel subsidies fell to far-reaching levels. Thanks to the conferences that held to preserve the health of the global-environment and reduce global-warming.

Slow Down: Global Climate Deterioration

   The project to slow the pace of global climate deterioration did not find a way to achieve success. This is due to the wars that afflicted countries producing clean energy sources such as Ukraine. Proportion of production of clean energy decreased to threatening degrees not enough for the country’s need itself. Therefore, global support for fossil fuels jumped to seven trillion US dollars to boost its production. On the other hand, this is incompatible with the project to slow down the pace of dramatic climate change. The world’s initial target for reducing soaring temperatures is 1.5°C. Slowing the pace of dramatic climate change is conditional on reducing the daily increasing human activities. On the other hand, if this reduction occurs, it will be accompanied by a pure economic decline. Therefore, there is no perfect solution to the problem of global warming. This dilemma  results from the use of fossil fuels and active human activities. All in all, the use of unclean sources of power will fade away soon or later.