The Most Vital-car Needs For Maintenance

There are many vital-car needs for perfect maintenance to maintain a car and expand its life span. We previously highlighted the preventive maintenance that the car owner can perform without going to a maintenance-center. The important car parts and things are: engine oil, air filter and fuel filter, coolant, battery and brakes. Referring to the car’s engine oil, there is a screen that shows the condition of the oil. In addition, it shows its level, and this, in turn, dispenses with the traditional manual check of the oil. In turn, you can check the engine oil by opening the hood. Leave the car for a long time until it cools down. Then extract the size of the oil and know its level. In addition, you should check the extent of its viscosity and color. If it is sticky and golden or green in color, this indicates its quality. However, if it becomes sticky and becomes dark-black, this indicates the need to change it.

Air Filters

One of the things that drivers should preserve, to extend the life of the car engine, is the air filter. They supply the engine with air to complete the combustion process. It is very important for the engine to get clean air. The air filter supplies clean air for cooling to the machine. Air entered from the outside of the machine through the air filter. So, from time to time air impurities settle in it. Therefore, you should clean it from time-to-time in order for the engine to be fed with fresh-air. You ought to close the air filter tightly. So, the polluted air does not leak through the holes into the machine. In conclusion, attention to periodic maintenance helps to prolong the life of the engine. Furthermore, it extents the lifespan of various auto-parts in particular and the car in general.