Fuel Price Reduction in the UAE

Fuel price around the world is in state of fluctuation. But the UAE is doing its best to stabilize it. Many motorists around Abu Dhabi felt very mesmerized. The reason behind this joy is that the Ministry of Energy and Industry declared reduction in fuel price for December. This reduction will help motorists a lot especially those who travel a lot. But with this state of nostalgia, car owners have to expect unexpected news!
As happiness and its counterpart always go hand on hand, another regulation in on the way. In some British cities drivers have to pay some taxes for using fuel powered-cars. The same regulation is expected to hit cities of the UAE soon. For this reason, motorists in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere in the UAE have to be prepared for such dramatic changes. By the way, have you ever thought about Hybrid vehicles?

Hybrid Motors

These kinds of recent developed autos put into combination gasoline and electric cars. They have two sources to power the car: electricity and petrol. No doubt that they are better than fuel-powered autos in terms of nitrogen dioxide emission in the air. Shedding the light on price, they are cost-effective. The level of energy exerted in these motors is lower than their counterparts. For all these reasons, they are not labelled as harmful to the atmosphere.

Gasoline Price

As far as petrol price is concerned, it does not matter. The revolution of electric-autos is coming soon. Therefore, motorists should put into consideration electricity price rather than gasoline price. Hopefully, motorists will respond to this perfect change positively, and the problem of health and atmosphere will be solved. But there is a question that rotates in the mind of every driver who grasped this change. Will the world be able to provide sufficient electricity to all cars? The answer of this dazzling question is waiting the intelligentsia and scientists.