top selling cars for expats in the UAE

Top Selling Cars for Expats In The UAE

Buying a car as an expat can be a tricky business. Read our guide to the top selling cars for expats in the UAE.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a popular location for expatriates (expats) over the years as a result of a high standard of living, which includes top quality vehicles of practically all makes and models at a lower cost than in the United States or the United Kingdom. Toyotas are the top selling cars for expats, but before you decide which make and model is best for you, as well as whether to purchase a new or used vehicle, doing your homework to discover more about the vehicle buying process can help make your transition into the UAE more pleasant.

Benefits of Living in the UAE Include An Excellent Vehicle Selection at a Lower Cost

With the benefit package of living in an oil rich region of the world, the UAE offers expats a selection of practically any vehicle desirable along with inexpensive fuel costs and reasonable maintenance expenses. As a result, you will likely be able to afford a higher end vehicle here due to the reduced overall prices on cars and related expenses.

Luxury Vehicles Are Expat Favorites

Many expats choose to purchase a luxury vehicle from the makes of Toyota, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and more. The Toyota Land Cruiser seems to be particularly popular due to its off-road capabilities while providing an extremely comfortable ride in urban areas. The Audi Q5 provides luxury at its best with a long list of features and an ultra smooth ride. The Mercedes-Benz G550 offers incredible power with total comfort.

More Affordable Options Are Preferred for Some Expats

Buyers who are seeking a quality vehicle at a lower price are likely to be interested in vehicles produced by Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Nissan, and more, as well as more basic models produced by Toyota. The Ford Edge provides roomy comfort with a great ride, while the Chevy Tahoe balances off road abilities with urban economy. Nissan produces the Tiida, popular with expats due to its spaciousness and style.

Buying a Used Vehicle is Usually Your Best Bet

Regardless of which vehicle make and model you feel best meets your needs, deciding whether to buy new or used will significantly affect the cost of your car. Because of the high depreciation rate in the UAE, purchasing a vehicle that is in excellent used condition is generally considered the best choice for expats, allowing you to obtain the most value for your money.

Professional Dealerships Offer Advantages Over Private Sellers

If you agree that purchasing a used car is the way to go, your next step will be to decide between purchasing through a professional or a private seller. Because of the large number of high quality used cars on the market, the ease of dealing directly with a dealer who will handle the necessary paperwork for you, as well as professional service inspections provided by on-site mechanics, most expats prefer working with professional sellers rather than rolling the dice and dealing with a private seller.


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F1 car at Abu Dhabi

The 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi is back!


Approaching its 6th consecutive year, the 2014 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is right around the corner. The event, held on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of November, is sure to be the highlight of any car enthusiast’s year.

Those lucky enough to have tickets to see the 19th and final round of the 2014 season will be part of Grand Prix history. This race marks the first time in a Grand Prix that teams and drivers will be awarded double points for race finish positions. It gives the underdogs in the race, who would usually be disregarded because of low point tally, a real chance at a win.


Abu Dhabi has created a track of world-class standards, on Yas Island. If you haven’t seen it – you really must visit.


Currently the Brit, Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes construction, has the lead with 334 points; a seventeen-point lead over his 2nd placed, German teammate, Nico Rosberg. Daniel Ricciardo, of Australia, holds third place in Red Bull-Renault construction, followed by teammate Sebastian Vettel, going into the final race in Abu Dhabi, with 214 and 159 points, respectively.

Even if you don’t particularly have any interest in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – rest assured, because this event has a little something for everyone.

The Entertainment line-up for daily post-race celebrations is truly world-class.

Four days of concerts at du Arena have been planned for the F1 ticket-holders.


Arabic Artist Lineup







On the eve of the main event (November 20th); Tamer Hosny, Carole Samaha, Faiz Al Saeed, and Arab Idol’s Mohammed Assaf will grace the stage.


Armin Van Buuren


The 21st is the night of the first day of the race and attendees have access to see Europe’s most globally celebrated DJ/Producer, Armin Van Buuren.

Pharrell Williams

Saturday 22nd kills it with international “Happy” superstar, Pharrell Williams.



Sunday the 23rd is sure to bring out your inner rocker with the classic UK band, The Who. The event in Abu Dhabi marks the first leg of their international WHO HITS 50tour.

Porsche 911 50th edition

The Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition

In celebration of the latest Porsche release and the 50th model of the 911 series.


The Porsche 911 – 50th Anniversary Edition is seen by some, as the most beautiful Porsche design to date. The 911’s history dates back to 1963, when the first of its kind was debuted at the Frankfurt IAA Motor Show. It carries an important heritage as its bloodline can be found in every other Porsche on the roads today – yes, they all still have a piece of that 911 DNA.


Celebrating 5 decades of glory, Porsche has released its 50th anniversary 911 as a benchmark for future development and a hat-tip to its legendary history. Over 70% of Porsches created since 1963 are still on the road today. That’s a statistic that Porsche is very proud of and would very much like to see continued in the future.


The 911 – 50th anniversary edition is reminiscent of the classic design of the ‘63 911 that we all know and love. Borne of the mind of Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche, the classic 911 emanates class, power, finesse, and a timeless, uniquely identifiable portrait.


Retro cues accent the 50, like 20-inch alloys, hound’s-tooth seats and the chrome engine grille. Underneath it all are Carrera S mechanicals, partnered with the wider rear wheel arches of the Carrera 4 models. There is also extra kit available like dynamic headlights, and sporty wing-mirrors. The Geyser Grey Metallic paint is unique to the Porsche 911 50th – but you also have your choice of Graphite Grey or Black body paint.


In Dubai, likely more than any other city in the world, we’re lucky enough to be exposed to a plethora of Porsches on a daily basis. Even then, it’s rare to catch the 911- 50th Anniversary Edition out in the wild, probably because only 1,963 were sold globally.


Luckily by now, you may be able to find a one of these on the used car market. Incase you’re interested, here are some quick specs:


How much?

~ AED 530,986


3800cc 24v flat-six cyl, 394bhp @ 7400rpm, 324lb ft @ 5600rpm


Seven-speed manual, rear-wheel drive


4.5sec 0-62mph, 186mph, 29.7mpg, 224g/km CO2

How heavy / made of?


How big (length/width/height in mm)?



As with the last-generation 911 GTS, the killer combo of rear-wheel drive and the wider body shell of the Carrera 4’s track makes one of the most thrilling sports cars on the road, even more exciting to drive. It has endless grip, amazing steering, and a chassis that simply gets better the more you learn how to exploit it.


With the pedigree of 50 years of research and development behind it and classic racing in its heart and soul, this is a purebred Porsche through and through. This edition marks the peak of Porsche performance. Bread for the race track but outstanding on the roads, we’re simply in love with the 50th.

Buying your first car in Dubai.

Caveat Emptor! Buying Your First Car

Buying your first car is a unique experience. Make sure you make it a happy one!

While buying a car at any time in your life is a major purchase that should be made thoughtfully, the process requires additional due diligence and finesse when you’re purchasing your very first car.  The whole process of buying your first car should be exciting; you don’t want to feel pressured, confused, or regretful in your selection. Following these four simple tips will help ensure the first car you buy will be a decision with which you are happy!

Identify Purpose

While there will always be lots of distinctly diverse and sharp new and used vehicles for sale, not all of them will meet your particular needs. Before you select your first car, first identify how you plan to use it. Perhaps you want to buy your first vehicle because you just landed a job that requires extensive travel, so you’ll need a dependable vehicle that can handle lots of miles. Maybe you need a reliable car for university. Possibly you’ve been saving up for your first vehicle and now you are ready to make that investment and you simply want a car to get you around town without having to walk, take public transportation, or count on others to drive you. Whatever your reasons for buying your first car, take them into consideration so that the vehicle you choose will meet your needs. You won’t need that sleek, gas-guzzling truck if you’re planning to save on fuel expenses. You won’t feel comfortable in a tiny little two-seater if you want to include your dog and your friends on your road trips. Decide before you search how you plan to enjoy your vehicle most of the time!

Identify “Must Haves”

Whether your “must haves” include exceptional fuel efficiency and a sunroof, or include a state-of-the-art navigation system, and lots of storage space, decide ahead of time what you absolutely want in your first vehicle. This way, when you start shopping you won’t be distracted by all the bells and whistles you don’t really need or want. Just because the dealership happens to have your dream car ~ minus the sunroof ~ on their lot today doesn’t mean you should buy that car today; select the car you want with the features you want. If you stick to your list, you won’t have regrets for compromising when you get your car home.

Identify Budget

Calculate your monthly expenses, including rent, utilities, entertainment, food, and/or any other categories that may apply to you. Then figure out how much you can afford to pay for a vehicle each month; this amount not only encompasses the actual payment to the finance company, but also your car’s fuel, oil changes, unexpected repairs, and regular maintenance upkeep for your vehicle.  If you don’t identify your budget before you shop for your first car, you can easily fall into the mistake of choosing a vehicle out of your budget; if this happens, you’ll find yourself struggling to make ends meet and having to give up other things in life you enjoy simply to make that monthly payment.

Identify Seller

There’s a big difference between purchasing your first car from a private seller and an established auto dealer. The risks involved in buying directly from the previous car owner are high. A reputable auto dealership will offer you warranties, have a service department to take your vehicle to for routine maintenance, and will be a “go to” place should you have any questions or concerns. If you buy your first vehicle from a stranger on the street, there’s no guarantee of anything once you drive away.

Lady Buying Car in Dubai

Ladies, Don’t Get Ripped Off When Buying A Used Car.

Avoid being taken for a ride when buying a used car.


Once you have gone through the laborious task of finally short-listing the cars you would like to actually see, there is a whole another  process that may be even harder to tackle. Most cars you see advertised are being sold by traders who are selling it for a profit. This may not be such a bad thing until you realize that they make the most profit with women in Dubai because generally, we don’t know a gasket from a cam belt, which is a car dealer’s dream come true!

There are a few steps you should follow when you are buying a car to minimize your losses and hopefully, happily drive away in a good, used car.

  1. Ask before you view if there are any faults with the car. Chances are, if there are problems that haven’t been advertised, the owner will tell you when you asked directly. If the owner says there are minor problems, you will have the time to research the cost and severity of these and then re-assess your desire for that car. (When you go to see the car you must ask this question again. If additional problems arise, it might be worth contemplating if that seller is trustworthy enough for you to buy a car from)
  1. Google the Chassis number and make sure the car has not been written off. This commonly happens and is extremely dangerous and potentially fatal. Be aware of American imports as this seems to be the trend amongst car traders to import write-offs into the UAE and sell to unwitting customers that are none the wiser, that end up driving a time bomb that is worth no more than the Sales Agreement paper it’s written on.


  1. Conduct research on the car you wish to purchase in Dubai. Google the car’s common faults and key features.  Also, see what people say about the car in forums. This will give you a little context on the car. It will be good for your knowledge and will also show the seller that you have above average familiarity with cars and deter any temptation for the seller to cheat you.



  1. When you go to see the car, bring someone knowledgable about cars with you.


  1. Ask the seller the reason for selling the car. A lot of people have a genuine reason for selling, however, there is a minority that is selling to get rid of a liability and you would not want to pay for something that’s bound to cause you problems and with very little, if not without, any resale value.


  1. Ask for the car’s full service history. Every car should be serviced every 6 months and big gaps in the history are never a good sign. If the owner doesn’t have it and says it has been fully serviced by the manufacturer, they can get another one from them. Never part with your money on a car that you don’t know much about. Check through the mileage of the car, if the car has been clocked back, you will often be able to easily spot this on the recorded mileage. (A car’s mileage is important as it usually determines how much life is left in the car).
  1. Always test drive the car. The feel and drive of a car are very important and if you are not satisfied, think about whether you can get used to it or not.


To make sure that you always get a fair price and simple, honest service, evaluate your car with us today.

The psychology of driving

The Psychology Of Driving And Making It Second Nature.

Driving may be seen as a right of passage, but it requires years before it’s mastered.

Learning to drive is an activity that, like any other, requires practice to master. Although many drivers began learning during their teenage years, many more years of repetitive driving often pass before the skills become committed to your procedural memory, the portion of long-term memory (LTM) dedicated to storing information. Procedural Memory helps in using your mind and body to successfully carry out the “procedures” required to complete a task, such as driving a vehicle.

Developing Your Procedural Memory To Drive is a Three Stage Process

When a person begins the learning process to become a safe driver, a three-step process occurs before the skills become semi-automatic. These stages are:

The cognitive phase

Where the skills required are learned one by one. With driving, this includes tasks such as learning the meaning of signs and the rules of the road, as well as developing muscle memory. Muscle memory allows your body to quickly react to situations as needed to effectively operate a vehicle.

The associative phase

Where beginning skills are repeated until they become automated. This is also the phase where ineffectual patterns and/or skills are eliminated as your LTM writes a procedural program that has been shown (through practice) to be effective.

The autonomous phase

Where the acquired skill patterns are perfected over time. If you are middle aged, for example, you are likely to be a safer driver than you were as a teenager, even though you apply less conscious thought to the process.

Sleeping Soon After Practicing Shortens the Learning Process

Studies clearly show that when a person experiences REM sleep soon after practicing a complex new skill, the skill will be remembered more rapidly than if the same person completes a lesson without allowing the brain sufficient sleep time to integrate the skills into the long term procedural memory bank.

Adults helping youngsters learn to drive can reduce the number of driving lessons needed by encouraging their students to sleep soon afterwards, allowing new skills to “stick” to memory more easily.

Factors that Affect Procedural Memory and Driving Abilities

While we are all aware that drinking and driving is a dangerous combination, understanding how external factors (including alcohol and drug use) affect your procedural memory can help explain why driving abilities change in response to different situations.

Since dopamine is a significant neuromodulator involved with procedural memory, any drug and/or disease, which affects dopamine levels will alter your ability to drive a vehicle. In the case of alcohol and the majority of recreational drug use, your ability to drive will be seriously compromised no matter how long you have been practicing your skills.

A number of mental and physical illnesses have also been shown to alter the ability to access procedural memories. Alzheimer patients and those suffering from untreated schizophrenia may reach a point where they are no longer able to drive at all, while other individuals, such as those with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), actually experience an improvement in their procedural memory.

Pay Attention to the Road to Keep Everyone Safer

Unfortunately, some drivers become so habitualised to the task at hand that little conscious thought is applied when driving. To stay safe in your vehicle, as well as to protect others on the road, a certain degree of conscious attention is required regardless of how long you have been driving. Being able to trust that your procedural memory will kick in and help you hit the brakes when you need to is great, but is not a license to treat the task of driving as anything less than the serious endeavour that it is.

How to spot a dodgy car dealer and their dirty tricks

How to Spot a Dodgy Car Dealer And Their Dirty Tricks.

Spotting a dodgy car dealer in Dubai can be a tricky business.

In the past, when someone decided to purchase a vehicle, their only solution was to visit the dreaded car dealership. Today, consumers have more options when it comes to purchasing a vehicle through the Internet. As a result, you no longer have to fall for the gimmicks and tricks commonly practiced by car dealers at dealerships around the world. In the event you do choose to purchase from the dealership, beware of the following gimmicks and tricks.

Wasting Your Time

Dealerships operate on one premise: the longer you stay, the more likely you will be to make a purchase. Even more so, the longer you stay, the higher the dealership’s profit will be. As a result, car dealers literally are trained to wear you down. It all starts before you go on the mandatory test drive with sales professional spending arduous amounts of time explaining features of the vehicle that has no benefit to you. After the test drive, the real circus truly begins. While your intentions may be to purchase a vehicle and leave, their intentions are to keep you there as long as possible.

Devalue Your Trade

Undoubtedly, dealerships are there to make money because of the sales salaries and drastic overhead it costs to run a dealership. As a result, dealerships use several tactics to increase their profit margin in addition to making a profit on the sale of a vehicle. One of those tactics is to purchase your trade-in for as cheap as possible, regardless of your financial well being. To achieve this, they will commonly devalue your trade. As the sales professional looks at your trade in vehicle, they will point out as many problems as possible with your trade-in vehicle to lower your expectations. They may even remind you of the repairs they will have to make to get the vehicle “showroom ready.” By the end of the negotiations, they will justifiably discount the price of what they will “give” you for your vehicle by a fourth of its value.

The Mandatory Fee for the Fee

While the dealership obviously has to keep the lights on, you shouldn’t have to foot the bill alone. Another way the dealership makes extra money is through arduous titling fees, delivery charges, and random closing costs. While these extra charges are legal, they are not necessary. These charges represent the dealership’s way of covering their arduous overhead costs. However, these fees can and will have a significant impact on the overall price of the vehicle. You should be very cautious about the many dealership fees.

Bait and Switch Technique

If you are like the majority of consumers, you start the car-buying process through search engines. You see an advertisement for the vehicle you have been considering at an amazing price, and you decide to make the purchase. However, when you get to the dealership showroom, the salesperson tells you that the vehicle is no longer available. Instead, they will show you a stripped-down version of the vehicle you want, but it has none of the features you envisioned. The sales professional is sympathetic and promises to give you a great deal on a similar vehicle you saw in the ad, which seems like the perfect solution.  In the end, you go for the better-equipped vehicle and pay significantly more than you imagined. The overall goal from the start was to get you into the dealership and sell you a much more expensive vehicle than you originally wanted.

To see how you can get the best deal on selling your car, get in touch with us today!

Sell porsche cayenne in Dubai

Selling a Car to Buy a 4WD? Here’s Our List of the Best 4WD for Off Roading

Selling a car in Dubai can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to 4×4’s. Here’s our guide to the best off road cars to buy in Dubai.


Modern trucks and SUVs are more powerful than ever before. Through numerous technological and engineering advancements, these rough-and-tough vehicles have gained considerable off-road capacity, making it easier and safer for drivers to push their rides to the limit. If you’re selling a car in Dubai to buy a vehicle that performs as well on the road as it does on the sand dunes, you may have a difficult time. With so many options available, you may not be sure which is the best for you. To shed some light on this matter, we’ve put together a list of the best vehicles for drivers interested in heading off of the beaten path and into the unpaved playgrounds of Dubai.

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler family has been around since World War II and it isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Featuring solid front axles, standard four-wheel drive, and excellent ground clearance, it’s clear that every one of Jeep’s models is made for off-roading. Easy to manoeuvre and fun to drive, every single day will be an adventure behind the wheel of a Wrangler.

Nissan Xterra

Low-key meets high power with the Nissan Xterra. Both generations of the Xterra’s production run have been impressive, with the first offering a smaller and more basic experience and the second being a bit larger and more plush. While Nissan offered the Xterra as a 2-wheel drive model, though, only the 4×4 is appropriate for off-roading.


Die-hard Hummer fans will frequently argue about which is truly the best for an off-road experience, but the truth is, the H1, H2, and H3 all have their own merits. These vehicles may be large in size, but actually handle with more precision than most smaller trucks, making them ideal for use on rugged terrain. Hummers are known for their ability to drive through virtually any terrain without a problem. With a low centre of gravity, an excellent turning radius, and wider tires, it’s possible to go just about anywhere without feeling like safety has been compromised whatsoever.

Land Rover

The Land Rover may not have the typical look of an extreme off-road vehicle, but it can definitely hold its own. The LR3 is a great pick, featuring two frames for added strength and durability. Terrain Response, which is a traction control system specifically designed for the vehicle, makes off-roading much easier while an onboard computer uses pre-settings to control wheel slippage. As a result, the LR3 can compete with the Hummer in its ability to stand up to just about any obstacle or type of terrain. If you are selling a car in Dubai to buy a Land Rover, make sure you get the best price possible as these can get quite expensive.

Ford F 150

Ford F 150s are known for their powerful nature, but the Raptor takes things to another level. This purpose-built desert racer offers a 4WD standard drivetrain, a locking rear differential, 411 horsepower, and can produce as much as 434-lb-ft of torque.

Mercedes Benz G-Class

Although one of the most expensive on the list, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class (namely, the G63 AMG SUV) is the only one that was originally based on a military transporter. Drivers enjoy this particular ride as it features three locking differentials, a full-time four-wheel drive system, and incredible departure and approach angles – all while offering a luxurious interior.

Dodge Ram

Serious off-roading calls for a Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon. This three-quarter ton full-size pickup is able to handle just about any environment you throw it into, thanks to an aggressive rear axle ratio, locking differentials, skid plates, off-road tires, and four-wheel drive.  Off-roaders will feel the power of 383 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. In addition to the 2500 Power Wagon, the entire Dodge Ram family is more than capable of handling off-road conditions offering a safe and adventurous ride for drivers and passengers alike.

Selling a car in Dubai to buy your dream off-roader can be a tough decision, but if you opt for any of the above models, you’re sure to be happy with your decision. Rough terrain will never slow down these superior trucks and SUVs, so expect each of these powerful vehicles to remain extremely popular with off-roading enthusiasts.


If you’d like to know more about selling your car in Dubai, contact us today and we will be delighted to help!