HiPhi 1. Human Horizons

This is the surprise that China would like to show in 2021. This strange auto can cross approximately 400 miles. This is not the only characteristic. However, it is an electric car, and it is environmentally friendly. The car is glamorous that it captivates you form the first glance. The angularities are perfectly designed. This helps the car to gain a lot of speed without more pressure on the engine.

Weird Doors!

Another this that characterizes HiPhi 1. Human Horizons is its doors. Like any other car it has four doors. However, they open in a form of diamond shape. Each back door opens simultaneously with a part of the roof that goes up in harmony. You can use the upper two roof flaps when the weather is so fine. Furthermore, there are some lightnings on the four doors that form a glamorous decorative touch with the interior light.

Astonishing Interior

Looking at the Chinese electric automobile from inside, it looks like a state-of-the-arts studio. The dashboard is perfectly designed with all latest technologies. On the other hand, the car is full of sensors; not less than 562 sensors work harmoniously to detect objects around. There is another feature that connects the car with other smart roads and sharing stop-light timing.





More Accommodation

Being an SUV, HiPhi 1. Human Horizons can accommodate six passengers including the driver. The six seats are flexible enough, and they are movable to various directions. You think that there is no space left at the back, but this is not true. No worries! There is enough space for your luggage as well.