Noise Pollution Dubai

How to avoid noise pollution fines when driving in the UAE

Noise pollution is a serious problem in many major population centres around the world, including Dubai and other UAE cities. To tackle this problem, the UAE authorities penalise motorists who make an excessive amount of noise when driving.

The Abu Dhabi police force recently used social media to remind drivers of the rules regarding noise pollution and the associated penalties. Drivers can be fined up to Dh2,000 and given 12 black points on their licence for driving a vehicle that is too noisy or using their horn inappropriately. While it’s easy to avoid using your horn, you may be wondering how to reduce the overall noise output of your vehicle. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you.

1. Accelerate and brake gently

Accelerating too rapidly can cause excessive engine noise, while also braking too quickly can cause your breaks to squeal. By avoiding sudden acceleration and deceleration, you can reduce the noise your car makes. Of course, driving gently at a stable speed doesn’t just help you to reduce noise pollution. It is also much safer than rapidly accelerating and decelerating.

2. Have your car repaired

If your engine or exhaust system produces an unusually loud sound, there may be a fault with it. Try taking your car to a garage to have it repaired. Even if there isn’t a problem with your engine or exhaust, a car mechanic may be able to adjust it to make it quieter.

3. Consider investing in a new vehicle

Of course, some cars are excessively noisy simply because they’re old or poorly-designed. It may not be possible to repair or adjust them to make them quieter. If this is the case, you should consider simply buying a new vehicle. Buying a new vehicle can be very rewarding, avoiding noise pollution fines and black points is really just an added incentive to purchase a new car.

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