electric car parking Dubai

Dubai to provide free parking for electric cars

The latest transport news in UAE has come roaring out of Dubai. The UAE has long been committed to making its roads greener to protect the environment and citizens who live there. Part of this aim is the so-called ‘Green Economy’ that the UAE is planning to have installed by 2021. This latest green mobility news from Dubai sees them taking a lead in the region around this subject.

220 free parking slots to be made available

Dubai will introduce 220 free parking slots in 2018 solely for users of electric vehicles. It is hoped measures like this will encourage more people to use electric cars and thus help the push to a greener economy. It has also been confirmed that there will be stiff penalties for any drivers of non-electric vehicles that steal any of the spaces. A fine of around AED1,000 is thought to be in place for any drivers who are tempted to park where they shouldn’t be!


Phase one of the plan already complete

The work to build these 220 parking spaces has been split into two phases. Phase One has been completed already and seen around 70 spaces allocated to several areas in Dubai. Phase Two will be completed during the rest of 2018 at which time all 220 spaces will have been created. It is thought that around 40 locations in Dubai will have these types of parking spaces in them. They are to be clearly marked when created to avoid any confusion or accidental incorrect use.


BMW Electric Van concept

Part of wider UAE initiative

This is not the first measure that has been introduced across UAE to encourage the use of electric vehicles. In September 2017, the authorities announced that all electric vehicle users could charge their vehicles up at any charging station in the UAE for free until 2019. With 100 charging stations in Dubai already, this is another superb incentive for citizens to think about driving in a greener way.

In addition to this, there is already free registration for electric vehicles which makes them more attractive to drive. All these different measures show that the UAE government are making it as easy as possible for drivers to switch to electric vehicles.