How to pick up a supercar for next to nothing in Dubai

In other countries it may be considered unusual to see any kind of luxury car, but in the UAE we know it is not unusual to see a variety of supercars burning up the roads. Dubai is well known throughout the world as a place of great wealth and opulence, and one of the ways in which that is manifested is in the scores of high-class cars purchased here every year.

Nevertheless, every year in Dubai some two to three thousand cars are abandoned by their owners, and Dubai’s airports and car parks are full of abandoned supercars. Many of the cars were owned by foreign expats who owned them on a lease-to-buy basis, and who have to leave them behind after they fall on hard times. Sometimes these owners even choose to flee Dubai if they lose their jobs and default on their repayments.

Once abandoned, cars are often sold by the local authorities. In 2018 the Dubai Police announced that they would be auctioning off more than 300 luxury cars. Dubai police give owners of their vehicles a month to claim them and pay any necessary fines, and if not, the cars go to auction. As well as abandoned cars, these auctions include cars impounded after being involved in crimes such as street racing, or non-payment of traffic violation fines.

There is one bright side, however. At auction, the confiscated vehicles are often sold for a fraction of their original price. This system makes it possible for car lovers to pick up a bargain if they don’t mind buying second-hand. Indeed, the original owner’s loss can be the savvy buyer’s gain, as all the luxury brands are likely to be represented in these auctions, from Jaguars to BMWs and even the occasional Ferrari or Maserati.

Just be aware – these auctions are by invitation only. When an auction is announced, potential buyers need to register with the police, and prove that they have enough money to meet the deposit price before receiving an invitation.

Though this may be a slightly unorthodox way to acquire a car, it is worth considering Dubai’s police auction as a way of getting the car you’ve always dreamed of at the sort of price you can afford.