Kia Telluride aiming for Q2 release in the UAE

There was a time, not so long ago, that Kia wasn’t necessarily known for the quality of the cars it produced. The price was always right, but quality, luxury, and driver features were not guaranteed. Recently, however, the company has turned its image around. Kia is now producing some of the most well equipped and reliable cars in their respective class. The price is still great, now the rest of the car matches it.Sell Kia In Dubai

Kia, however, has not been known up to this point for their large SUVs. That is about to change with the release of their Telluride model, which is currently scheduled for an April UAE release.

Capacity and comfort

The Telluride shows its US-design influences with its large capacity, comfortably seating eight passengers. Its engine is a 3.8-litre V6 which provides 291 HP and 355Nm torque. The eight-speed auto gearbox is designed for comfortable cruising and seamless shifts.

The Telluride has rear suspension which is self-levelling for improved road manners, while Smart, Eco and Comfort modes can be chosen by the driver to suit their individual taste. AWD Lock and Snow settings are also available for when the going gets a little tougher.

As it’s a large SUV, AWD should be no surprise. The Telluride uses its active monitoring systems to shift the engine’s power to the front and/or rear wheels depending on the driving mode selected. AWD Lock mode will ensure even power is sent to all the wheels, otherwise, the power will be split favouring the front or rear wheels according to the mode selection.

Top-class equipment

The Telluride sports Kia’s generous approach to available equipment. It’s expected to host the latest active safety systems such as Blind Spot Assist, Collision Avoidance, Lane Following, and Safe Exit Assistance to name just some of the options. With 7 airbags and chunky construction, it should provide a safe journey for all occupants.

Those governed by badge and brand will doubtless overlook it, but for anyone interested more in sheer quality and value for money, the Kia Telluride is sure to make an attractive choice of large SUV.