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How to Spot a Trader When Buying a Car in Dubai

Buying a secondhand car in Dubai can prove to be a major mistake, but then again it can also prove to be the best investment you ever make during your time here – you simply need to research the car buying market in Dubai, know what to look out for in a secondhand car, and of course insist on test driving it before you commit to buy.

Home-based car traders are a problem for car buyers in Dubai, and every effort must be made to avoid these unlicensed car dealers. Why, you may ask? The answer to that is simple – you stand to lose a significant amount of money by purchasing a used car from an unlicensed car dealer. Here are three reasons why.

1. These car dealers operate without insurance
2. The cars they offer are often without warranties
3. They often work hard to hide major problems

That is not to say every vehicle these unlicensed dealers have to offer is a dud, but if you are going to pay thousands of dollars for a car, wouldn’t you feel much more comfortable purchasing one from a reputable source that you could chase up should something go wrong?

You can sell any car in Dubai easily, in fact, you can sell your car in 25 minutes with, and you can also get a great deal on a used car when you limit your car buying attentions to reputable sources. And there are many.

But can you spot a home-based car trader when shopping around for a used car in Dubai? Sometimes doing so is very easy, though other times it can prove much more difficult – these car traders excel at what they do because they have perfected the art of duping unsuspecting car buyers. Here are a few ways to spot a home-based car trader.

1. They can show you the car at any time of the day (because they don’t have a job besides selling secondhand cars)
2. The car they are offering to sell you is not in their name but rather someone else’s, like a brother or sister (who will naturally be uncontactable)
3. They will not allow you to get the car inspected at a garage of your choosing, but will instead insist on taking you to their choice of garage
As our resident experts have advised, car buyers must be careful when buying a used car in Dubai, and they also recommend that, “first-time car buyers take a mechanic with them to check the car to make sure the seller isn’t hiding any problems.” That’s great advice and definitely something for you to bear in mind!

And of-course, finally, if selling your car is proving to be more of an issue than buying a new one, here at we guarantee to buy any car, regardless of condition, within 25 minutes!