Hybrid and Electric Autos

A wide number of people do mix between three types of electric and hybrid autos. However, the difference is crystal clear for the minority not the majority. Autos buyers are so hesitant when it comes to making a decision. In addition, they think a lot when it comes to gaining an electric or hybrid auto. Another difficult option to select from also is whether to get a full-size SUV or a small sedan. In addition, they should choose between a fully electric auto or a plug-in hybrid. So, there are many points to put into consideration. This blog will strike a clear difference between all these similarities.

Hybrid and Electric Autos Different Types

There are many different types of electric autos ranging between fully electric to less ones. There is a hybrid electric vehicle which has a traditional gas-engine, a battery and electric motors. What powers the vehicle is the motors and the engine. In addition, this type of electric auto will choose the right time to switch for a certain kind of power to another. These two powers are gas and electricity. When there is a hard task of acceleration the gas engine works. The reverse is true for the other. In this case, you do not need to plug in for there is no need for charging.

And no need to install a charging slot at home at all. What you need to do is to fill up you auto tank with gas as usual and nothing else.  The other kind of electric auto is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle it also puts gas engine and a battery in one package. Furthermore, it functions that same way as the previous prototype. In addition to the previous characteristics it uses a regenerative braking in order to charge the battery.