UAE: Unexpected Rise in Autos Rentals

In recent years, the UAE witnessed an unexpected rise in autos rentals due to many factors. One of the reasons behind this rise is the economical boosts in oil sector, as well as, non-oil sector in the previous decades. This country is about to score the highest record in a rapid economic growth. Clearly, whenever there is an economical growth UAE: Unexpected Rise in Autos Rentals. As a result, the petrol price raised up, as well as, autos rentals of electric autos and second-hand autos. Not only this, there are other factors that contributed to the downfall. An example for this is the looming recession and the pandemic.

UAE: Unexpected Rise in Autos Rentals Disruption of Traditional Rental Habits

Although the UAE in general and RTA in specific aimed to amend and boost autos sectors, there are some obstacles. The lifestyle of a very striking number of residents changed their thinking towards auto use. For instance, instead of using autos for family purposes, they started to rent accordingly. However, the rent over there is not casual. Another change in peoples’ lifestyle is the so called car-pooling. This refers to the fact that people share autos with others when crossing the same destination. However, it is not necessarily to have exactly the same destination. If there is proximity to two place car-pooling is possible.

The beginning of the previous paragraph stated that the UAE and the RTA began to encourage autos sector. One of the incentives is that the RTA exempts new autos from testing. This is to encourage autos owners to license their new autos easily. Another interesting incentive is extending licensed autos lifetime from two years to four years. Furthermore, the RTA abolished autos surcharges. In conclusion, although autos sectors witnessed a dramatic downfall, it is making amends now.