Hyundai “Ioniq 6” electric

Hyundai Motor Company announced that its electric car, the IONIQ 6. It will provide a range of up to 614 km on a full battery charge. In accordance with World Classified Light Vehicle Testing Procedures (WLTP). Which is the world’s most reliable standard for single-charge travel tests.

Hyundai Motor said, in a statement, that “IONIQ 6 customers will benefit from the (Hyundai Motor Group) commitment to developing advanced battery technology that enables stress-free driving performance. And a long range of 614 km. With a WLTP-rated power consumption of 13.9 kW/100 km.

هيونداي أيونيك 6General specifications

IONIQ 6 benefits from its advanced engineering architecture based on the Global Electricity Platform (E-GMP). which enables low wind resistance of the electric liner. And a very low drag coefficient (air resistance) while driving, which is (0.21), the lowest in the history of the company’s cars. And one of the lowest rates in the auto industry in the world.

The platform (E-GMP) also provides optimal electrical performance coupled with ultra-fast charging (800V). So that battery levels can be charged from 10 to 80% in 18 minutes.

The IONIQ 6 comes with advanced and innovative aerodynamic elements in terms of structure. Like moving air holes. Wheel air curtains. and an integrated rear spoiler and wheel gap reducers that reduce the space between the front bumper and the tires while driving. This greatly improves aerodynamic performance.

The streamlined design was positively reflected in the car’s long wheelbase. Thus obtaining a spacious cabin. It allows cabin passengers to enjoy the comfort and luxury factors.