Lane Departure Warnings

Lane Departure Warnings is one of the vital tasks that automatic driving reliefs. The most important thing that drivers has to care about is keeping driving on your lane. Any departure of your main lane can cause irreversible damage to you, passengers and your car. Therefore, drivers have to stay focused on the road never leave it. On the other hand, there are lots of road distractors that often keep motorists off-road. For instance, drivers may be distracted by using mobile phones – meanwhile they fetch a message or responding to a missed call. In this case, the driver may unintentionally leave the road.

Danger of Lane Departure

The danger of lane departure embeds on causing lots dreadful road accidents. These accidents often involve two or more autos. Anyhow, the danger implies on the fact that drivers and passengers get affected by the accident. Fortunately, the drivers on the other side of the road may be awake and get rid of collision. Unfortunately, the motorist may get some warnings for his/her dashboard. However, s/he may not be able to avoid the accident because of another car present on the other lane of the road. In this case, there is no way to avoid the accident. If motorists become very aware about the danger of road departure, they will pay lots of attention.


An Array of Solutions

According to this escalating problem automakers have designed an array of solutions. One of these solutions is Lane Keep Assist or Lane Departure Warning. These apps aiming at helping drivers to stay focused and keep their cars concentrated on road. Anyhow, there lane barriers help motorists to know the boundaries of the road. But this is not enough. The main function of the Lane Departure waring is to warn the driver when s/he leaves the road unintentionally.