Lexus ES 2019 launches in UAE

If you spend any amount of time in the UAE, you will soon see a Lexus pass by. The LS and LC models from this car brand are especially popular for the comfort and style they offer. With this in mind, the latest transport news in the UAE is sure to delight all who live here. Lexus have recently launched the brand new 2019 ES model to build on their already strong sales in the region.

Power and style in one package

Lexus Es 2019If you already drive a Lexus or have ridden in one, you will love the new 2019 ES. It keeps the same Sedan look but with extra technology and elegance to make it sufficiently different. One major point to mention is that Lexus has two different versions of the new car – the ES 300h and the ES 350-F.

What is exciting for motorists in the UAE is that the ES 300h boasts a hybrid engine under the hood that shows Lexus are making a real commitment to sustainable motoring for the future. For any drivers in the region who wish to do the same, the choice of the new ES in a hybrid engine is a real plus.

Any UAE drivers who want a slightly sportier feel and look may instead go for the stylishly full-on 350-F model. This model has a retuned suspension set-up and a more flamboyant feel to make it great fun to drive too. One thing is for sure – whichever version of the new ES you go for, you will love getting behind the wheel in it.

Lexus refinement as standard

Lexus ES 2019 UAEOne of the things that has made Lexus such a popular manufacturer in the UAE is the way they combine subtle elegance with class and refinement. This has not changed with the latest addition to its line-up. As well as the stunning curves both versions boast, there are up to ten exterior colours to choose from. If you go for the 350-F, there are an extra two in the form of White Nova and Heat Blue.

Both versions of the ES have plenty of room inside and a longer wheelbase for extra comfort. The engine in each is quieter than previous Lexus models thanks to the latest technology used in its design. With prices ranging up to AED 250,000 they are not cheap but then you do get a seriously good car for your money.