UAE International Driving Licence

UAE Ministry of Interior launches smart app for international drivers

UAE car SellUAE motorists who want to drive abroad should be pleased to learn that it will now be easier to obtain an international driving license. The Emirates’ Ministry of Interior has partnered with the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE to make applying for an international driving license as fast and straightforward as possible. The two organisations have launched an online ‘smart service’ that will allow drivers to apply for their international licenses through an app or via the Ministry of Interior’s website. Until recently, UAE drivers had to fill out complicated forms in order to get their international licenses. The ‘smart service’ should help to streamline the process and empower motorists to get their licenses with much less fuss. Drivers can easily provide all the information needed to get their international licenses using the Window Tint UAEservice and even receive those licenses electronically.

The United Arab Emirates is a nation of drivers. For example, the city of Dubai has a vehicle density of 540 cars per 1,000 people, making it one of the world’s most motor-centric cities. It’s natural for UAE residents to want to continue driving when they travel abroad, so the new smart service is likely to have a positive impact on thousands of travel-minded motorists.

Brigadier General Ahmed Al Harthy is the head of the Ministry of Interior’s Smart Services and Artificial Intelligence Council. He has been instrumental in bringing the new smart service to life and is enthusiastic about its future. He recently stated that the service would bring the Ministry of Interior closer to fulfilling its vision of a smart technology-assisted government.

The chairman of the Automobile and Touring Club has also enthused about the new service, stating that it makes “the process of application… simple”. He also said that drivers “can refer to the smart app for the legal requirements while driving abroad”.

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