Lexus UX200 on sale throughout the UAE

Compact crossovers are becoming a highly popular segment throughout the world, but particularly in the UAE. The reasons for that are fairly obvious – they offer an elevated driving position, a little more rear/storage room, and a more sure-footed drive. All in a package that’s not much larger than a standard hatchback.

It’s no wonder then that they’re so popular. Lexus has dipped their toe into the compact crossover market with the highly-praised and recently released NX200. Lexus cars are known for their exceptional quality – is the NX200 fit to carry that mantle?

Attractive, modern design

The NX200 has been designed by Chika Kako, the Executive Vice President of Lexus International, and it certainly sports a unique look. Lexus in recent years have taken on a more angular, aggressive appearance and the NX200 is no different – build on Lexus’ Global Compact Architecture platform.

120 LEDs form the light bar which dominates the rear portion of the NX200, which seeks to provide a distinctive brush of Lexus. This means it will be easy to differentiate from the competition. Its relatively compact dimensions mean it will also be easy to park.Sell Lexus In Dubai

The NX200 has 13 exterior colours available, of which 2 are F-Sport trim exclusive. It includes 3 brand new colours – Celestial Blue Glass Flake, Blazing Carnelian Contrast Layering, and Terrane Khaki Mica Metallic.

2 new colour options join the interior specification, Cobalt and White Ash, making for eight in total. This includes the exclusive Flare Red.

The power

Lexus cars are generally designed for reliability and smoothness rather than outright performance, and that seems to be the case with the NX200. A four-cylinder 2.0-litre engine will provide the power.

This is connected to the wheels via a new D-CVT (Direct-Shift Continuously Variable Transmission) which has 10 speeds. This should provide improvements in both overall fuel economy and comfort when touring long distances.

The NX200 will be available in three trim levels throughout the UAE – Premier, F Sport, and F Sport Platinum. Prices begin, inclusive of VAT, at AED 150,000 rising to AED 180,00 depending on options and the overall level of specification.