Mercedes-Maybach GLS: Luxury and Automaticity

Automaticity and luxury are two features that related to Mercedes-Maybach GLS. Both the interior and the exterior of the car are so fascinating and well-designed. First of all, the overall capacity of the car is spacious in terms of passengers’ relaxation and luggage space. Furthermore, the head rooms and the feet rooms are very spacious which in turn provide comfort. Infront of each passenger, there is a large screen for displaying videos, audios, maps and any required information easily. There are buttons for passengers to use for adjusting their seats accordingly. So, easily you can go for reclination with the use of calf-rest and cushions.

Interesting Novice Features

Some of the interesting novice feature of Mercedes-Maybach GLS is that you can use the tablets for efficient control. For instance, instead of talking directly to the driver about a change in destination. You can remodify the map by readjusting it. Not only that, there is a fridge between the back seats that you can store foods and drinks on. To add up more, there is a place for save drinks with holders and you can heat the drinks as well.

The car is pretty shinny and has a glamorous appearance. To add up more, the car comes with a two paint options, i.e., lower and upper. The company can tail that for you according to your interest. The angularities also are very fascinating and give a sense of a crafty touch design. Shedding the light on specification they are absolutely high. The car has the capacity of four to five passengers which is optional. The engine is 4.0L V8 biturbo with an EQ Boost. The power is 6,000-6,500. The transmissional system is automatic with 9-G TGONIC 9-speed. In conclusion, Mercedes-Maybach GLS is luxurious and efficient.