Modern Automotive Technology: Absolutely Amazing

There is a lot of very amazing modern automotive technology around the world. One of the most recent of these new technologies caused an uproar is the number plate flipper. It is true that it is a simple technique. However, it caused lots of controversy, as the driver appears in a fictional movie. S/he can change the plate number whenever and whenever s/he wants. However, this technology discontinued due to a curb on increasing crime. This enables many of the fugitives to get out of prosecution.

The Digital Side Mirror

One of the modern technologies that emerged recently is the digital middle and side mirror. These two mirrors reflect a more accurate picture in terms of distances. Also, the image that reflects the driver is much closer to the real vision of the naked eye. Not only that, but the middle mirror reflects the rear of the car in an amazing way. Furthermore, it enables the driver to clearly see the car behind him and know the safety distance left. Moreover, there is a front screen that provides the driver with all required information while driving. For instance, speed, front and rear safety distances. It is important that this screen reverses the distances that enable the driver to turn quickly and safely on highways.

The screen alerts the driver if he exceeds the permitted speed. It also notifies him if the used speed does not suit the road. Moreover, the information is projected onto windshield without affecting the driver’s vision. Importantly, the screen changes the colour of writing information on windshield according to the reflected light. This means that seeing the information on the windshield will not be noisy at night or day. All weather conditions will not affect on the resolution of the information.