Stunning Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup

One of Hyundai’s most impressive cars is the Santa Cruz pickup that shown to motorists. This is a trial run of the car which has a lot of fans in this trial period. Furthermore, Hyundai targets the new generation who has the desire to own a modern and multi-purpose. This is not the only goal for them. Moreover, they aim at designing a car with a beautiful shape and attractive models. So, Hyundai designed this amazing car that combines almost all of the previously mentioned qualities.

Modernity of Manufacturing and Design

The Santa Cruz Pickup has very nice front end that has a hexagonal shape of beehives. As for the lights, they are very beautiful in shape and have strong lighting. One of the things that draws attention is that the brakes are painted yellow instead of red. This is not common among other cars. In addition, the upper part of the front mirror also painted yellow. This creates harmony in the side reflective colors. The tyres are large and metallic, reflecting the extreme yellow color of the brakes. What reflects the wits of the car’s designers is that it looks like it has two doors. However, the Santa Cruz pickup has rear doors that open backwards to facilitate smooth entry.

Engine Efficiency

The Santa Cruz pickup equipped with a highly efficient two-litre diesel engine and a turbocharged generator to provide the car with more speed. This car is characterized by the high speed of one hundred ninety horsepower and four hundred. In addition to and torque of rotation which transmitted to all the wheels of the car. This makes it efficient with high speed and control. These are the characteristics of the Santa Cruz pickup, so we advise you to own one right now.