New Porsche Electric Car Revealed

As we’ve mentioned in other blog entries, Tesla is the most well-known and innovative manufacturer of electric vehicles. However, other car companies are rapidly catching up. For example, drivers who appreciate timeless, understated luxury and beautiful vehicular designs may prefer a Porsche electric car to a Tesla vehicle. Porsche recently unveiled a ‘concept car’ that redefines what electric vehicles can do. The vehicle is known as the Mission E Cross Turismo and it’s sure to impress motorists throughout the UAE.

The car’s most noticeable feature is the way it combines form and function. The Mission E Cross Turismo has a sleek aesthetic and looks a lot like a sports car, making it a natural fit for the aspirational lifestyles of many UAE drivers. However, it also has the same off-road capabilities as an SUV, making it ideally suited to the Emirates’ varied terrain.

However, to understand why the latest Porsche is so impressive, you need to look at its engine. The powertrain provides 592bhp of horsepower, which would be impressive for a fuel-driven car. For an electric vehicle, it’s actually astonishing. The engine also boasts a range of over 500km, meaning that the Mission e Cross Turismo can tackle truly epic journeys without needing to recharge.

If the vehicle does run out of power, it can be recharged in less than 15 minutes, thanks to its 800-volt charging technology.

Sadly, the Mission E Cross Turismo won’t be available to ordinary drivers in its current form for several years. As a concept car, its purpose is to prove the viability of new EV technology and show that it can be incorporated into real-world vehicles. However, there’s no need to be too disappointed. The vehicle will serve as a blueprint for Porsche’s next publicly available electric car, which should appear in showrooms by 2021. In other words, drivers will be able to get their hands on a commercial version of the Cross Turismo eventually.

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