Prohibited Habits in Driving in the UAE

There are a lot of negative habits that motorists have to avoid. These habits seem to be common with so many motorists, but they are so risky. Time is precious. But if making use of time comes at the expense of safety then the former is to be ignored. Some of the negative habits that lots of motorists fall victim of are tailgating, eating, drinking and sleeping.


As many people always get from a place to another in hurry. They take every advantage of space between cars. This action specifically known as tailgating. However, driver should leave approximately one meter and half between their car and other cars. Leaving this space of safety will enable drivers to see the road very clearly. Predicting risk also depends on safety zone. The sufficient safety space the drivers leave, the more time they have to thing about avoiding danger.


Drinking & Eating While Driving

Another unwelcoming habit on driving is eating and drinking while driving. Many people like us sometimes find themselves in hurry and hunger. Therefore, they take their food and drink and rush to the car. This is not an ideal choice. A perfect option is to park the car anywhere beside the road and have your food and drink then drive. Motorists in many cases do not value this action. Since they have lots of experience of driving, they find it easy to do these two actions simultaneously. This in turn lowers their concentration level.

Avoidance of Sleep

Many motorists drive immediately after a long hard day of work. As a result, they sleep or find themselves sleeping unconsciously. Of course, the recommended action is to take a little nap before driving. If there is no way to do this, them drivers have to use anti sleeping ring. This ring notify the driver of unconscious sleep by vibration.