Rainy & Snowy Weather Conditions

Rainy and icy weather conditions can reduce car’s traction on roads. Before shedding the light on traction reduction; we will consider the negative impact of this weather on roads. On one hand, rain can reduce the clarity of vision on road. But there are some solutions which can be more effective. Firstly, drivers have to use screen wiper. There are three speeds for these screen wipers. When it rains cats and dogs, drivers have to use the higher speed of screen wipers. However, if the rain is pouring slightly the medium or the lower speed of the screen wiper is the best.

Snowy Weather Condition

On the other hand, like rainy weather, icy weather could also reduce traction of cars on road as well. Furthermore, when icy fall intensively, motorists may become unable to see. Therefore, they have to use the screen wiper. However, the screen wiper may get stuck as a result of intense snow. In this case, drivers have to remove the snow from the screen from time to time. This will enable the screen wiper to rotate in an effective way and does its function well. Motorists should also use high-beam headlights in this case.


Cars’ Traction Reduction on Roads

One of the main reasons that reduce cars’ tyres traction on roads is high speed. However, this is not as risky as snow and rain. The difference between these two is that rain and snow do not reduced cars’ tyres traction on roads. But they cause sliding as well. Cars’ sliding on roads is one of the main reasons of dreadful cars accidents. In addition to these defects, the proficiency of the brakes is also reduced. Therefore, the wise action to take during such cases is to reduce your car’s speed.