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Rolls-Royce showcase new collection taking inspiration from Sheikh Zayed

Rolls-Royce have revealed seven new cars as a tribute to Sheikh Zayed, the late UAE President. The seven cars, which reflects the amount of Emirates within the UAE, have been commissioned by Abu Dhabi Motors with the idea that the collection will demonstrate varying attributes that represent the country. Created in England, the luxury cars took a year to make and will have car buyers in the UAE eagerly awaiting the ‘Wisdom Collection’ which is set to include a couple of Phantom Coupés and Wraiths, a Ghost, a Phantom VII and a Dawn.

Rolls Royce DubaiThe Phantom VII, which takes its inspiration from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, will have the biggest and most complex embroidery ever seen in a Rolls-Royce car. The highly luxurious design took over 800 hours to create and features just under 400,000 stitches.

The collection also has two Phantom Coupés; the first one, which is simply called The Phantom Coupé, has been inspired by Qasr Al-Hosn Fort, while the other coupé, named the Phantom Drophead, has its design based on the Desert Rose. Qasr Al-Hosn Fort has a rich history and is one of the oldest stone buildings that you can find in Abu-Dhabi. Rolls-Royce has taken the time to recognise the history in their Phantom Coupé design, with pastel shades and highly intricate architectural details which reflect the geometric nature of the fort. Meanwhile, the other Coupé has a much more delicate design, aimed at accurately and tastefully representing the tranquillity that the Desert Rose has.

The Wraiths in the collection will also represent unique aspects of the UAE, the Falconry Wraith aims to get across the essence of falconry the UAE has with strength, power and authority all making its way into the car’s design. The other Wraith was commissioned to pay homage to the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, evident in the car’s flowing form and Royal Blue exterior. The Dawn in the collection has been designed by Rolls-Royce as a way of reflecting the UAE’s pearling tradition, with Rolls-Royce Motors saying that both the interior and exterior of the car mimic the marriage between pearls and the sea.

Finally we come to The Ghost, a car crafted by Rolls-Royce to represent the ancient trade routes in the UAE. The car exquisitely manages to combine a sandstone and white design with a motif in gold to give The Ghost a richly historical feel within a modern setting.