Safe driving during an earthquake

Turkey earthquake, asking many motorists about the safe roads that must be followed during an earthquake and driving cars on public roads after the 7.7-degree earthquake struck Turkey on the night of Sunday-Monday, Turkey, and residents in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and a number of Egyptian governorates felt aftershocks, and the tremor followed Initial, less powerful aftershock.

In the following report, we monitor several instructions that must be followed while driving during an earthquake, as follows:
reduce speed
Reduce speed gradually to avoid surprising other motorists
pulling out
Stop in an empty space and pull back from bridges, overpasses and power lines
Turkey earthquake Safe driving during earthquakes avoids road accidents driving carsWait inside the car
Your car is a safe place to be during an earthquake
Set the parking brake
Park your car and leave your seatbelt on, as long as it’s not in a place where you’ll be in danger
Don’t hit the brakes suddenly
When you stop suddenly, you risk surprising other motorists and causing an accident. Sudden braking and stopping of your vehicle can lead to a rear-end collision and a multi-vehicle pileup.
Avoid driving under or over the bridge
Bridges are highly susceptible to earthquake damage, especially during large earthquakes. They should be avoided if possible, including immediately after an earthquake. It is best to avoid driving over bridges if you notice shaking.
Avoid using your phone
Avoid using your phone unless absolutely necessary, such as if you need to call the police or ambulance because you’re injured. It’s important to keep lines available so calls can be made for cases that you really need. Use your phone only if necessary.