Mercedes Maybach 2023: German Industry Quality

The Mercedes Maybach 2023 has the characteristic of high quality in the industry. Therefore, this reflects the luxury and durability of the German automotive industry. This car not only embodies the quality of German industry, but also reflects the extent of luxury. In addition it reflects comfort and advanced driving systems that the owners of this car will enjoy. Mercedes previously announced since last year that it will release Maybach 2023. Surprisingly, the number of cars produced does not exceed 150 cars worldwide. Since scarcity increases the price, purchasing Maybach will become difficult for auto fans to buy. Only handful number of them can buy the car. Mercedes Maybach 2023  associated with the famous fashion designer Apollo, who passed away last year. Thus, Mercedes designs a car bearing the name Virgil Apollo.

Mercedes Maybach 2023 Engine

Maybach powered by a very powerful twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. The car’s power is 496 horsepower, with a capacity of 4 liters. Moreover, it works with a four-wheel drive system. This auto also features a spacious and very comfortable cabin. The vehicle’s advanced roll-and-go system helps the Maybach navigate tight spaces. Its counterparts may not do so. With reference to fuel economy and consumption, the consumption of the Maybach is very low. Referring to the interior, it is soft with sand-colored linings. As for the floors, they are black with sandy colors, with the Mercedes logo painted on it. Maybach also takes care of the driver as it provides him/her with very comfortable driving positions.

Safety and Security Systems

Maybach uses an adaptive cruise control that is in line with different driving situations. In addition, there is an automatic braking system in case of emergency. This is to mitigate and reduce the consequences of driving errors. Not only that, but the system detects pedestrians and warns the driver when they leave the lane.