Sell any Car and Money Cash

Sell your car in less than half an hour

Once upon a time, selling your car meant putting an add in the local paper, showing endless buyers the ins and outs of your motor and haggling over price. If you chose to part exchange, you were pretty much guaranteed a bad deal, with just a small discount offered on your new purchase.

Fast-forward a few years, however, and selling your car has become a whole lot easier. In fact, you can now get a great price for your old car in less than half an hour. Keep reading to find out how.

Find the right dealership

When you type “sell my car” into the search engine, you may well be surprised by the number of businesses that come up. You’ll see that most dealerships only offer part exchange when you purchase a new vehicle from their showroom. Other businesses may buy your car but only after a long purchase process, while others will offer rock bottom prices for second hand vehicles.

To make sure you get the best deal possible, opt for Unlike other dealerships in the area, SimplyCarBuyers offers free valuation to all customers, ensuring you get a great price for your old car.

Get your paperwork in order

If you have your paperwork in order before you head down to your chosen dealership, it will make the process a lot quicker. If you’re not sure what exactly you need to sell your vehicle, do a quick search for “buy my car paperwork” and see what comes up.

Make an appointment

If you want to sell your car in the UAE quickly and easily, make an appointment with Unlike other car buyers in UAE, can value, buy and complete on your car in just 25 minutes, leaving you free to get back to work and get on with your day safe in the knowledge you’ve got a great deal on your car.

Keep it clean

In order to get the best possible price for your car, give it a thorough clean before you take it to the dealership. Nothing says “I am selling my car” more than a shiny bonnet and freshly vacuumed seats.

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