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Dubai’s most eye-poppingly expensive cars

The city of Dubai is home to 26,000 people who have a net worth of more than a million dollars. As a result, there is something of an arms race between the city’s many wealthy residents concerning who can turn up in the most extravagant luxury car. Famously, Dubai’s streets are bristling with high performance […]

Sell your car in less than half an hour

Once upon a time, selling your car meant putting an add in the local paper, showing endless buyers the ins and outs of your motor and haggling over price. If you chose to part exchange, you were pretty much guaranteed a bad deal, with just a small discount offered on your new purchase. Fast-forward a […]

10 Cool Facts about CARS!

Far from being something that gets you from A to B, the humble car is a source of enlightenment. Here are 10 cool facts about cars that you might not have known: 1. It’s all about the paintwork It takes around 25 hours to build a new car, and roughly 10 of those hours are […]

Women vs. Men .. Who is more into cars?

The Cars’Advertising Take Off Since the very first steam-powered automobile was created way back in 1768, the car industry has been largely geared towards men. In fact, for many years, you only had to watch the average car advertisement on TV to see that a masculine, powerful edge seemed to win every time. Women vs. […]

*Images* Cars that broke women’s hearts

Women <3 Cars vs. Men <3 Cars They always say that women and cars are never on the same track, they also say that women can never feel the beat of love that men feel it when they see specific cars. What if women do feel this way? you Don’t believe it? Check below a […]

Are these Cars or Animals?

Cars Inspired by Animals Automakers usually get inspired by things around them to name cars, or vehicles, it feels like: ” I own this whole idea, I have the right to name it the way I want! ” and yeah! they do have that right .. So, have you ever heard about a car that snores, […]

YES! Ladies SHOOK the Auto- History

Automotive World, between women and men! It is well known and very common in most societies and countries, that women are so irrelevant to Automotive industry, as it contradicts with women’s softness and elegance. Women created history in the Automotive world This article is brought to you to tell you SORRY ! you have been […]

A Wake Up Call : Before you buy a used car

Buying a used car, might make more sense from a financial perspective , but on the other hand it is risky, as you might get deceived or trapped. You still insist on buying a used car? Keep these points in mind, and .. Enjoy your safe drive! Always know your limits, budget wise. Don’t underestimate the […]