Sheikh Zayed Road DUbai

Speed limit changes to make two major Dubai roads safer

It seems that Dubai’s transport authorities want drivers to take their journeys at a more leisurely pace. The emirate plans to reduce the speed limit on two major roads. On October 15th, the speed limit on the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and the Emirates Road will drop from 120kmph to 110kmph.

But why exactly does Dubai want drivers to slow down when using these roads? The answer is simple: safety. An operation carried out jointly by the Dubai police and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) found that the two highways just weren’t safe enough for ordinary drivers. The operation found that both roads carry large quantities of traffic and have become accident black-spots as a result of excessive speeding.

Maitha bid Adai, chief executive of the RTA traffic and roads agency, explained the decision. According to Adai, the speed limit on these two major roads is being lowered as “a result of elaborate traffic safety studies and analyses of traffic accident data… the decision is mainly to curb traffic accidents resulting from over-speeding.”

Dubai TrafficIf you live in or around Dubai and have to use these roads regularly, you may be wondering how this decision will effect your journey. On the one hand, using the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed road or the Emirates Road should be a much safer, less stressful experience when the new speed limit comes into force. However, your journey is also likely to take longer. If you use these roads on a daily basis and have a car that’s designed for speed, you might wish to consider investing in a car that’s designed for safety and comfort instead. After all, you’ll be spending more time in your vehicle whenever you use either of these roads, so it’s worth making the experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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