Dubai Traffic

New app by Dubai Police eases road congestion in Dubai

Drivers and car buyers in Dubai are set to benefit from a new app launched by Dubai Police, according to the latest transport news in UAE. Currently, a significant amount of traffic congestion is being caused by people parking their vehicles illegally.

As some drivers block other vehicles in, many people have been left unable to access their cars or move their vehicles. In addition to this, parking illegally reduces space on the carriageway and increases the risk of an accident occurring.

Mobile technology hits latest transport news in UAE

Dubai Traffic Under the new Smart Dubai initiative, people will now be able to report vehicles which are parked illegally via an app. Available on a range of devices, the app simply requires users to enter the plate number of the offending vehicle.

Once submitted, the owner of the car will receive a text messaging advising them to move the vehicle immediately and warning them of the potential repercussions. If the car isn’t moved within a short amount of time, the owner will be issued with a fine of up to AED500.

With many keen car enthusiasts in Dubai and the UAE, this news is likely to be welcomed. By providing an easy way for motorists to report illegally parked vehicles, the rate of accidents may be reduced and drivers who have parked their cars legally will no longer be inconvenienced.

Car buyers in UAE to benefit from less congestion

Dubai TrafficThe new Smart Dubai app could also be good news for car buyers in Dubai. When people are selling a car in UAE, or anywhere, it’s vital that potential buyers can access the vehicle. If it’s been blocked in by an inconsiderate driver, it could put buyers off and prevent the sale from going ahead.

By reporting illegally parked vehicles, however, selling a car in Dubai needn’t be complicated. By implementing new traffic laws and providing easy ways for citizens to report offenders, Dubai police are able to target dangerous drivers more quickly. As a result, the new initiative is effectively improving the roads for car buyers, car owners, drivers and other road users in UAE.