Standard Safety-Systems for Roads / Cars

Many roads and cars have highly accurate and efficient standard safety-systems. These systems designed due to the overcrowding of many cities with cars and pedestrians. In many cities, there is a radar surveillance system. This system is a very important in organizing traffic, monitoring vehicles. It ensures that the driver applies the law and traffic safety rules. In addition, there are traffic signs indicating the required speeds on various roads. And they monitor places designated for pedestrian crossings. Not only that, but road monitoring devices evolved to include determining the extent of the driver’s alertness-attention. There are some devices that activate the car’s brakes automatically in case of emergency.

Blood Alcohol Test

In the amazing world of cars, there is a device that measures the level of alcohol in the driver’s blood. This device indicates whether the driver is fit to drive properly or not. This system is a modern system that enhances public safety. The traffic safety authorities forced to use this device. It is due to the increase in the number of accidents recorded due to drivers drinking alcohol-excessively. This happens specially during celebrations such as New Year’s. In many cities, traffic accidents occur, some minor and others horrific. In addition, there is a device to detect the car’s tire pressure, which is very important. There are devices that monitor speed violations through radar. When a driver detected exceeding the permitted legal-speed, the radar takes a picture of the car’s license-plate. This violation quickly recorded and uploaded directly to the system. The system in turn sent a message to the owner’s phone. In many cities, the system limited to physical punishment only – jail. But there are many people whose this physical punishment did not affect them. So, the black points system created. When the number of black points allowed per year exceeded, the driver’s license will withdraw.