Winter: Prevent Glass Steam Condensation

Winter comes with glass steam condensation problems, drivers should manage it. In winter, the weather gets cold and humid, resulting in steam condensation. One of the phenomena that raises a kind of anxiety and inconvenience among car drivers. The appearance of steam on the front and rear windshields of the car is problematic. This vapor appears on the outer surface of the car’s glass. In addition, it appears also on the inner surface of the glass. This poses a danger not only to the driver. However, it also threatens the security and safety of passengers and other cars. It known that wiping or cleaning the car early in the morning before driving removes this vapor. And after that the driver can use the windshield wiper. There is also another condition that causes steam to form on the glass from the inside. It is when there is a hole in the car that allows steam to seep into it. This causes unclear vision for the driver. To get rid of the steam outside, it is very easy to use the front windshield wipers. However, for the rear window wiper the driver should ask assistance from someone. The driver needs from time to time to detect what is going on behind the car. To get rid of internal steam, you should use a towel once before starting to drive the-car. This is due to the weak accumulation of steam inside repeatedly. Unless there is a defect in the car, for example a hole, the steam won’t seep in.

Damage to the Spinning Rubber Parts

There is another problem that causes water and steam to infiltrate the car. This causes damage to the rubber plastic pieces located on the edge of the doors. Therefore, these insulating pieces must reviewed from time to time.