Subaru Outback UAE

Subaru Outback Estate coming to UAE

Subaru are looking to ramp up their presence in the UAE and have targeted their 2018 Outback Estate as the vehicle to do it. Revealed at this year’s motor show in New York, the Outback Estate appears to be a close relation to Subaru’s Crosstreck and Legacy models, both of which have undergone their own makeovers recently.

Sporting a large grille on the front, the Outback comes with plastic cladding on the bumper’s lower part, presumably designed to make the vehicle look tougher. There are LED headlights which are sharper too, the new and improved headlights also have an adjustable beam which adjusts depending on the steering input. It means that visibility has been improved whilst cornering. For the Limited and Touring models, Subaru have included their safety assistance suite named EyeSight. There’s also High Beam Assist on board. Designed with true off-roading in mind, there are a couple of big fog lights affixed to the plastic cladding, which itself has been included to stand up to the challenges thrown up by unbeaten paths. One aspect that hasn’t been altered when compared to the previous Outback models is the ground clearance, which remains set at 221mm.

Subaru Outback Uae

Source : Subaru UAE

One aspect of the Outback that may disappoint is the engine, which has seen no updates. It’s the same four-cylinder unit that drivers get with the base models, and there’s only one gearbox available, which is a CVT unit. There’s a torque vectoring system which supports the all-wheel-drive, which will provide additional power to every wheel. Also on board is a power steering system which is electrically powered so that response will be improved.

On the interior however, there have been some significant changes. There’s a new 17.8cm infotainment screen which is upgradable to 20cm if you go for a higher spec trip. Sound insulation has also been taken into consideration with the side windows reducing noise. Subaru have also decided to offer up a brand new shade for the interior of the Outback, so drivers can specify titanium grey if they choose over the other two options of warm ivory and slate black.

The U.S. will be the first to try out the 2018 Subaru Outback when it arrives on forecourts this summer. It’s expected that it will arrive in the UAE by the end of the year.