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Chevrolet announce their Corvette Carbon 65 Edition

Chevrolet Corvette DubaiAfter five months it was almost looking like Chevrolet weren’t going to announce much in the way of special editions for 2017, this week however Chevrolet have broken their silence and announced an all-new special edition for their line up of sports cars. Although the edition will boast a number of eye catching specs, the name is relatively straightforward, it’s simply called the Corvette Carbon 65. Fans of Chevrolet can expect to find an exterior that has its own custom finish along with a raft of weight saving materials, all designed to make driving the Carbon 65 as fun as possible.

There’s no mistaking the Corvette Carbon 65, particularly when you compare it to the other cars in Chevrolet’s 2017 lineup. The carbon fibre body panels that come as standard include the roof panels and rear spoiler, along with the hood insert and centre wheel caps. The Carbon 65 also has a custom designed door, with fender graphics. The sleek look is completed by an exterior which is entirely coated in Ceramic Matrix Grey, although it looks more white than grey.

When it comes to the interior, weight has been saved pretty much everywhere you look and the steering wheel trim is no exception, which is made from carbon fibre. It’s also not short on luxury, with the Carbon 65 boasting a premium sound system courtesy of BOSE. There’s also navigation and Bluetooth pairing and cooled front seats, making it a perfect choice for the UAE.

Although there are plenty of aspects that would make the Carbon 65 ideal for the UAE, unfortunately not many of them will be seen outside of US shores. General Motors have announced that only 650 will be made and a huge 500 of those are heading to the States. It means only 150 Carbon 65s will end up being exported, so you’re going to have to be quick if you want to secure yourself one.

The Carbon 65 package will be available for an additional AED 55,095, for those who are already purchasing Corvette’s with Z06 along with the Grand Sport packages.