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Three door 2017 Nissan Patrol Super Safari now on sale in Dubai

Nissan were rightfully pleased with the launch of the five door version of the Patrol Super Safari, which arrived in the UAE earlier in the year. Now the car manufacturing giant have unleashed the three door model, making it available right across the UAE as well as other GCC nations.

Nissan Super Safari 3 Door 2017Performance

It should come as no surprise that the three door version has a shorter wheelbase as well as fewer doors and seats, but, thankfully, this hasn’t affected the performance. Marketed as an off-road vehicle, those on the lookout for new cars that are able to handle all the desert has to throw at them will be more than pleased with the Super Safari.


Owners can request an identical paint scheme to the five door version. There are two colour schemes available, the most popular of which is white and grey. If you really want the Super Safari to fit in with the dunes, however, there’s also a gold and grey option.


Whatever colour scheme you go for, you can expect it to be complemented with features such as a reverse camera and parking sensors. Additionally there are 17-inch alloy rims on board along with grey fenders and even Super Safari decals with a traditional design. If you like, you can have an electric front winch fitted, but it’s worth remembering that the front and rear tow hooks along with the rear locking differentials come as standard.

Nissan went big on comfort for the five door model and haven’t changed anything with the three door. There’s a whole raft of comfort options available, ranging from a cool box to more tech based features such as Bluetooth connectivity, media inputs and automatic climate control.

Nissan Super Safari 3 Door 2017


When it comes to safety, you can rest assured that Nissan have thought of everything. Owners of the three door 2017 Nissan Patrol Super Safari can expect to find dual front airbags, tyre pressure sensors and ABS as standard, Nissan have also included vehicle dynamic control.

For those who are keen to know about the power, you’ll be pleased to know that a 4.8 litre engine sits underneath the hood. Capable of 248 horsepower, it’s certain to deliver, even on some of toughest terrains.